Tom Daly

Director of Education

International Academy of Trading

"I worked with Savvas at C-level in Shaw Academy for 2 years, from 2015 until 2017. In that time, Shaw Academy grew from being a relatively small organisation offering a limited number of courses in English only, to become the largest live online educator in the world which provided dozens of courses across multiple languages. This growth would not have been possible without Savvas' guidance and expertise from a technical perspective. When problems occurred, as they invariably did when such exponential growth occurs, Savvas had a unique ability to not only identify the troublesome issue, but to also communicate to his team how to best apply a fix in the shortest time possible. We were very much ahead of ourselves in terms of technological advancement - with solutions prepared in advance for problems we were likely to experience. This led to the development of our own proprietary broadcasting software, our own automated "bot" for answering the FAQs sent by students during live online classes in real-time and our own trade-sizing tool for those looking to trade the financial markets. Any one of these individual solutions would have been reason to celebrate, but the ability to lead the development of all three while also overseeing the processes required to handle the huge organic growth, which would have otherwise crippled the company, cannot be overestimated. Savvas' work-ethic, leadership skills and ambition cannot be questioned. I would have no hesitation in recommending Savvas to anyone who was considering hiring him and I would wholeheartedly embrace the opportunity of working with him at any point in the future."

Stefan Knight


JSJ Smart Homes

"I’ve worked with Savvas in a number of capacities. Savvas is a real character, he’s really funny which makes him a pleasure to work with, coupled with the fact that he is self driven & self motivated which ensures that any task he set himself gets done, irrespective of how new or rare the challenge ahead is, he literally will not sleep until it’s done. Savvas is a rare find, extremely intelligent & creative but a really blast to work with!! Would highly recommend him in any capacity, especially one that is intellectually stimulating."

Sam Parlett


Shield Diagnostics

"Savvas is that rare breed of software developer, being both technically talented whilst being laser focused on solving complex business problems with simple technical solutions. As a SCRUM & agile evangelist, he spreads best practices throughout the organization and therefore is not only a fantastic individual contributor, but also a force multiplier. Hard working and meticulous, Savvas will get the job done."